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3CUBA is a strategic brand and design agency that makes companies and organizations move forward through corporate identity. We specialize in creating visual universes across digital and analogue media. Through brand strategy and graphics embedded in big ideas, increase sales and enhance leadership.

Sasha Ushakovs

Founder/Art Director

Ideologist, creative mastermind, founder of 3CUBA agency. Order and restraint — his design credo.

Evgenijs Cheksters


Second founder, long time permanent creative director of the agency 3CUBA. The person that is gushing forth daring creative ideas. He is the person-animated film, the person-drum behind whom the team marches.

Sergejs Zarovnijs

3D Developer

Sergey Zarovny is the head of the 3D department. He is capable of visualizing any mad ideas. Modeling and rendering—these are the words that he falls asleep and wakes up with. Interior design is his hobby and passion.

Natalja Kugajevska

Graphic Designer

Natalya is a great and talented graphic designer. The most successful logos developed by the agency are her merit. She knows literally everything about brand books and is able to listen to the customer and hear the real objectives.

Vadim Repeckis

Head of Web Developer

He is guru web-devoloper.

Dmitrijs Shumejko

Account Manager

Our first account manager.

Olga Zhorova

Project Manager

Young and active, Olga is taking care of our projects. Communication with clients and task creation for the team are her main responsibilities.

Andrej Menadzhiev


To move a company or a product forward we need to investigate what it is all about. Sometimes this can take form of a single interview with a charismatic owner/leader. Sometimes we do extensive studies of media presence, observe the culture and perform interviews and workshops with clients, industry experts - the entire organization and it´s stakeholders - to understand it in-depth.

Jolanta Trimalniece

Graphic Painter

So beautiful and young...

Artjom Berjoza

Graphic Designer

So beautiful and young...

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